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MOHAVE COUNTY REQUEST FOR BOARD ACTION FORM <br /> FORMAL ACTION ❑ <br /> FROM: Steven P. Latoski, P.E., PTOE – Public Works Director CONSENT <br /> CONTACT/EXT: Les Henley x 5854 RESOLUTION <br /> DATE: March 10, 2020 OTHER ❑ <br /> BOS MEETING DATE: April 6, 2020 INFORMATION ONLY❑ <br /> SUMMARIZE THE ISSUE & DESIRED ACTION CLEARLY/ATTACH BACKUP: <br /> Arizona Revised Statutes §28-627 and §28-643 authorize local authorities to place and maintain <br /> traffic control devices on streets and highways under their jurisdiction as deemed necessary to <br /> regulate, warn, or guide traffic on the basis of an engineering and traffic investigation. <br /> Engineering and traffic investigations have identified an issue of drivers stopping in the roadway to <br /> feed burros in Oatman that warrants the installation of NO FEEDING IN ROADWAY regulatory <br /> signage. <br /> RECOMMENDED MOTION: <br /> Move to approve, adopt, and authorize the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors to sign <br /> Resolution No. 2020-042 authorizing, in accordance with the County adopted Manual on Uniform <br /> Traffic Control Devices and Arizona Revised Statutes, the installation of a traffic control regulatory <br /> sign indicating NO FEEDING IN ROADWAY entering the Oatman Central Business District for <br /> purpose of traffic safety and maintaining traffic flow. <br /> Reviewed and Approved By: <br /> County Attorney Human Resources Finance 0 County Manager <br /> Board Action Taken: <br /> Approved as Requested F-1 No Action Taken F-1 Disapproved �] <br /> i Continued to ❑ Approved with the following changes: <br /> Acknowledge receipt and referred to: <br /> Filing Information and Retrieval <br /> Filed Bid Filed Agreement <br /> BOS Resolution Filed Yearly Correspondence <br /> Filed Petition Filed Dedication <br /> Filed Land Sold Filed Land Acquired <br /> Filed Franchise ID Resolution <br /> Filed Improvement District Filed Other <br /> Date Routed: <br /> Additional Information: <br /> XC: <br /> Item No. <br />