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ROBBERS' LOST GOLD <br />It was almost tradition with the early sheriffs of Mohave County, <br />Arizona, to pass their interesting stories of robbery or crime from <br />one sheriff to the next. Some of those stories became almost <br />legends, and no one knows how they originated, but not so with this <br />story. <br />The story presented here came from Asa Harris. who in December <br />1955 had lived 73 of his 86 years in Kingman, Arizona. Asa Harris <br />was sworn in as a deputy sheriff in 1894, and his first job was <br />catching train robbers near Peach Springs. The leader was killed <br />by the train crew man. Harris took off with other deputies and soon <br />they ran the robbers down. In 1898, Harris became undersheriff <br />and held that position until 1912. In December of 1955, when the <br />story about Asa Harris appeared in the local paper, he was sitting <br />at the desk in the county equipment building, where he was in <br />charge for 15 years. He was 86 years old. Such was the background <br />of Asa Harris, and here is his story. <br />In the 1880's, five bandits robbed a saloon in Mineral Park, at one <br />time a large mining camp, and now only a site with a few remaining <br />buildings in ruin, and large open pit copper mine operations. <br />The bandits galloped into the Sacramento Valley and toward the <br />Yucca stagecoach station located along the Old Trails wagon road. <br />The railroad line from Kingman to Needles was already in op- <br />eration. The robbers stopped at Yucca stagecoach station to water <br />their horses when a stagecoach with passengers was leaving for <br />Needles. The robbers were not aware that a seven -man sheriff's <br />posse was after them. The posse started from Mineral Park as <br />soon as the group was assembled after the robbery. <br />In the meantime, the bandits followed the stagecoach, caught it, <br />killed the driver and the passengers, robbing the victims of their <br />valuables. It was to their surprise that they found a very heavy <br />strong box by the driver's seat, which they dropped to the ground. <br />Upon opening it, they found it full of gold bars, gold nuggets and <br />gold dust. The box was too heavy for carrying on a horse. Without <br />much thinking, they pushed the strong box to the side of the road <br />and covered it with dirt. The stagecoach horses, scared by the <br />bandits, ran away along the road to Needles and disappeared in the <br />distance. <br />- 67 - <br />