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It is impossible for the outsider to learn about the structure of <br />the Colorado City life. especially where the communal form ends <br />and private property starts. Colorado City remains the largest <br />community on the Mohave County Northland. <br />Colorado City, Kaibab and Moccasin depend on the springs as <br />their source of water. Cane Beds has some wells drilled, pro- <br />viding water on each farm. The Bar "Z" Cattle Company used <br />the springs as its only source of water. This ranch. now in private <br />hands, still uses those springs. and a pipeline carries water to <br />the places it is needed. <br />Colorado City, Cane Beds, Kaibab and Moccasin are located on <br />the north side of the Highway 389. the only paved road crossing <br />the Northland. The land where those communities are located, <br />is a small part of the Mohave County Northland. which ends at <br />the Colorado River and Grand Canyon. The Mohave County <br />Northland covers three million plus acres of land. South of the <br />Highway 389 is a vast land uninhabited, although a little of it <br />is in private hands as homestead ranches. This vast land offers <br />a wealth of recreational opportunities, such as camping, hunting, <br />rockhounding, backpacking. following historic trails, and enjoy- <br />ing the beauty of this "lonely land ". Some copper mining was <br />in this area, and the Grand Gulch copper mine is ninety miles <br />from St. George, Utah. and two dozen miles or so from the Pierce <br />Ferry on the Colorado River. <br />A few ranching comunities esisted in the area south of Highway <br />389, as Wolfe Hole. Mt. Trumbull (Bundyville) and Tuweep. <br />Now in the Mt. Trumbull area. a few people live all year around <br />or part of it. They are cut off from the rest of the world most of <br />the winter. In 1977, Chet and Vivian (Pat) Bundy lived there on <br />their separate homesteads. This brings to focus the name of <br />Bundy. The Mt. Trumbull community was known as Bundyville, <br />because of a number of families with the name of Bundy residing <br />in that area at one time. The ranches in the Mt. Trumbull area <br />were scattered all over the surrounding country, and the school- <br />house served as a center of the rancher's life. The school was <br />closed for years, as was the post office, when the people moved <br />out, but the homestead land remained in private hands. <br />Tuweep (Turoweap) was also an ranching community at one time. <br />A number of ranches occupied the Tuweep Valley for some <br />twenty miles. In 1977, and for years, only empty ranch homes <br />and other buildings stood in the Tuweep Valley. A few were <br />occupied for a short period during summer by ranchers attending <br />their cattle. <br />- 39 - <br />