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MOHAVE COUNTY REQUEST FOR BOARD ACTION FORM <br /> FORMAL ACTION: <br /> FROM: Buster Johnson CONSENT ❑ <br /> CONTACT/EXT: Sarah Hall/3006 RESOLUTION ❑ <br /> DATE: 5/25/2017 OTHER ❑ <br /> BOS MEETING DATE: 6/5/2017 INFORMATION ONLY 0 <br /> SUMMARIZE THE ISSUE& DESIRED ACTION CLEARLY/ATTACH BACKUP MATERIAL: <br /> Discussion and possible action directing the Chairman of the Board to sign a letter to the U.S. <br /> Department of Interior on behalf of the board voicing the board's position on monument designations <br /> under the Antiquities Act of 1906 <br /> RECOMMENDED MOTION: <br /> Reviewed and Approved By: <br /> JO <br /> County Attorney `i''g Human Resources n Finance n County Manager <br /> Board Action Taken: <br /> Approved as Requested 7,1 No Action Taken Disapproved <br /> Continued to n Approved with the following changes: <br /> Acknowledged receipt and referred to: <br /> Filing Information and Retrieval <br /> Filed Bid Filed Agreement <br /> BOS Resolution Filed Yearly Correspondence <br /> Filed Petition Filed Dedication <br /> Filed Land Sold Filed Land Acquired <br /> Filed Franchise ID Resolution <br /> Filed Improvement District Filed Other <br /> Date Routed:CO 111 (t ' - ) <br /> Additional Infor <br /> 53 <br />