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The bandits decided on returning to the Yucca stagecoach station <br />to get a wagon team to move the strong box to some safe place. At <br />the Yucca station the bandits met the seven posse, and the gunfight <br />took place. Two members of the posse and four bandits were killed. <br />The last bandit lay on the ground seriously wounded. He was able <br />to tell the posse about their killings and the robbery of the stage- <br />coach, including the strong box with gold. The stagecoach with the <br />dead victims was found at a place not far from Topock where the <br />horses stopped. <br />The posse searched along the road for the strong box, but found <br />none. They recovered the valuables of the robbed passengers <br />when they examined the bodies of the five slain gunmen at the <br />Yucca station. The strong box with gold was in shipment by train to <br />the Pacific Coast. The train was halted in Kingman, because the <br />railroad tracks were damaged by the storm down the line to <br />Needles. In Kingman the strong box was transferred to the stage- <br />coach for delivery to the train in Needles. <br />Tradition holds that the strong box with gold buried under the <br />desert sand and gravel remained in its natural hideout. <br />At White Hills mining camp site, last building in ruin. <br />- 68 - <br />