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MOHAVE COUNTY REQUEST FOR BOARD ACTION FORM <br /> FORMAL ACTION: ® I <br /> y i <br /> FROM: Travis Lingenfelter, County Supervisor— District 1 <br /> CONSENT ❑ <br /> 1 <br /> CONTACT/EXT: Ext. 4722 RESOLUTION ❑ <br />,3 <br /> DATE: August 7, 2023 OTHER ❑ <br /> BOS MEETING DATE: August 7, 2023 INFORMATION ONLY ❑ <br /> SUMMARIZE THE ISSUE&DESIRED ACTION CLEARLY/ATTACH BACKUP MATERIAL: <br /> The Biden Administration has been pushing permitting 25,000 megawatts of utility-scale renewable energy projects on federally <br /> managed public lands by 2025, which would be one of the largest shifts in land-use patterns in U.S. history. The Mohave County Board <br /> of Supervisors have become aware of multiple utility-scale renewable energy projects on tens of thousands of acres being explored <br /># within the County. These projects include utility-scale hydrogen, solar, and wind projects proposed on private as well as public lands. <br /> Many Mohave County citizens have voiced serious concerns over these utility-scale developments. Public lands represent about 50% <br /> of the total lands in the Western U.S. and Mohave County has only 10% private land ownership. Due to the difficulty in understanding <br />'+ the complexities of the impacts of utility-scale renewable energy projects, and a lack of available information and real analysis on their <br /> long-term local effects on Mohave County and our way of life, the purpose of the proposed moratorium is to provide sufficient time to <br /> fully explore, analyze, research, and make informed decisions regarding utility-scale renewable energy projects proposed within <br /> Mohave County. The proposed moratorium would only apply to utility-scale renewable energy projects, and not to either residential or { <br /> commercial business owners from installing renewable energy projects on their own property. The moratorium, which could be <br /> extended or terminated early as-required, will provide Mohave County the necessary time to do a deep dive and truly study the <br /> cumulative long-term impacts to both the human environment and the natural environment within Mohave County, and to possibly <br /> recommend updates to Mohave County zoning regulations that include but are not limited to guiding what renewable energy projects <br /> can be approved; what parts of Mohave County are best suited in order to minimize negative impacts to critical wildlife habitats, <br /> grazing, ranching, and multiple-use outdoor recreation; how much noise is permitted; and, measuring true impact to our non-renewable <br /> desert aquifers and the current and future generations of Mohave County citizens that rely upon them for our rural way of life. I <br /> I <br /> I <br /> Discussion and Possible Action: Direct staff to create and bring back before the Board of Supervisors on August 21, 2023, a <br /> Mohave County Ordinance adopting a 1-year moratorium on utility-scale renewable energy projects on lands within Mohave County <br /> subject to land use approval by the Board of Supervisors. <br /> i <br /> i <br /> ,I <br /> i <br /> Reviewed and Approved By: j <br /> County Attorney ❑ Human Resources ❑ Finance ❑ ❑ <br /> i <br /> s Board Action Taken: <br /> Approved as Requested ❑ No Action Taken Q Disapproved ❑ <br /> i <br /> Continued to Approved with the following changes: <br /> Acknowledged receipt and referred to: <br /> Filing Information and Retrieval <br /> Filed Bid Filed Agreement <br /> 3 BOS Resolution Filed Yearly Correspondence I <br /> 3 <br /> Filed Petition Filed Dedication <br /> Filed Land Sold Filed Land Acquired <br /> Filed Franchise ID Resolution <br /> Filed Improvement District Filed Other <br /> q <br /> Date Routed: <br /> CS Recno <br /> k Additional Information: <br /> XC: <br /> t <br /> r <br /> j <br /> 3 <br /> g. <br />