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PINAL COUNTY <br /> Contract 201726RFP <br /> Printing and Mailing of Election Material <br /> THIS CONTRACT is entered into by and between Pinal County, (County),whose primary address is 31 N. Pinal St., Bldg. <br /> A. Florence,AZ 85132 and Runbeck Election Services, Inc., (Contractor),whose primary address is 2800 S.361h St. <br /> Phoenix,AZ 85034. <br /> 1. CONTRACT TERM. The resultant contract term will commence upon contract execution,and will continue for one <br /> (1)year unless canceled,terminated, renewed,or permissibly extended. The County has no obligation to extend or <br /> renew the contract past the initial term. <br /> 2. CONTRACT EXTENSION. The County shall have the sole option to extend the term of this contract up to a maximum <br /> of four(4) additional one-year terms,or at the County's sole discretion,extend the contract on a month to month <br /> basis for a maximum of nine(9) months after expiration. <br /> 3. CONTRACT TYPE. <br /> Firm-Fixed Unit Price. The unit prices are the amounts scheduled in the requested Pricing Document for complete, <br /> delivered, discrete items, including installation if applicable and so stated,each of which will be Contractor's <br /> complete and total compensation for carrying out each item covered by each unit price at the item level; and will <br /> not be subject to any adjustment on the basis of Contractor's cost experience in performing under the contract. <br /> NOTE:An "item" as contemplated in this paragraph could be a single,functional, and usable thing as sold,or a <br /> component of an assembly yet to be built,or a complete assembly. <br /> 4. PRICING <br /> 4.1 Most Favored Customer Pricing. <br /> Contractor warrants that,for the term of the contract,the prices, rates,discounts,terms,and benefits set <br /> out in the proposal, including any subsequent agreed upon amendment to it,will be equal to or better than <br /> the lowest prices, best rates, largest discounts, and most favorable terms and benefits, both separately and <br /> in combination,at which Contractor sells equivalent items. If Contractor provides more favorable pricing, <br /> rates,discounts,terms and benefits to any customer, it shall immediately apply all such pricing, rates, <br /> discounts,terms and benefits to pending County purchase orders and offer such pricing, rates, discounts, <br /> terms and benefits for all future purchases made by the County. <br /> 4.2 All-inclusive Pricing. <br /> Pricing is all-inclusive, including any ancillary fees and costs required to accomplish the Scope of Work and <br /> all aspects of Contractor's proposal as accepted by the County. Details of service not explicitly stated in the <br /> Scope of Work or in Contractor's proposal, but necessarily a part of, are deemed to be understood by <br /> Contractor and included herein.All administrative, reporting,or other requirements, all overhead costs and <br /> profit and any other costs toward the accomplishment of the requirements in the contract are included in <br /> the pricing provided. <br /> Contract 201726RFP,Page 1 <br />