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MOHAVE COUNTY REQUEST FOR BOARD ACTION FORM <br /> FORMAL ACTION: ❑ <br /> FROM: Tara Actor4PB CONSENT <br /> CONTACT/EXT: 4194 RESOLUTION [� <br /> DATE: July 7, 2021 OTHER E. <br /> BOS MEETING DATE: July 19, 2021 INFORMATION ONLY <br /> SUMMARIZE THE ISSUE & DESIRED ACTION CLEARLY/ATTACH BACKUP MATERIAL: <br /> On April 5, 2021 (Item #14), the Board approved the utilization of Pinal County's Cooperative Contract No. <br /> 201726RFP for Printing and Mailing of Election Materials awarded to Runbeck Election Services, Inc. <br /> (Phoenix, AZ). The Pinal County Contract has an initial term of January 6, 2021 through January 5, 2022, with <br /> four (4) one-year renewal options and the ability to extend month to month for a maximum of nine (9) months. <br /> If all renewal and extension options are exercised, the contract would end on October 5, 2026. <br /> County staff and Runbeck Election Services Inc. have negotiated a Cooperative Services Agreement clarifying <br /> the County's use of the Pinal County Cooperative Contract. Staff requests approval and signature of the <br /> Cooperative Services Agreement on behalf of the Recorder's Office — Voter Registration and the Elections <br /> Department. <br /> RECOMMENDED MOTION: <br /> Approve and sign the Cooperative Services Agreement with Runbeck Election Services, Inc.; Phoenix, AZ; <br /> clarifying the County's use of Pinal County's Cooperative Contract No. 201726RFP for printing and mailing of <br /> election materials, effective through October 5, 2026, provided that Pinal County exercises all renewal and <br /> extension options, on behalf of the Recorder's Office —Voter Registration and the Elections Department. <br /> ATTACHMENTS: <br /> BOS Approval from 04/05/21; <br /> Executed Pinal County Cooperative Contract No. 201726RFP; <br /> Cooperative Services Agreement; (2 copies for signature) <br /> Reviewed and Approved By: 4 <br /> County Attorney /'' L' Human Resources Finance L County Manager <br /> Board Action Taken: <br /> Approved as Re, uested No Action Taken Disapproved i <br /> Continued t t <br /> Approved with the following changes: <br /> cf <br /> Acknowledged receipt and referred to: <br /> Filing Information and Retrieval L1 <br /> Filed Bid 'Filed Agreement 3c...1 <br /> BOS Resolution Filed Yearly Correspondence <br /> Filed Petition Filed Dedication <br /> Filed Land Sold Filed Land Acquired <br /> Filed Franchise ID Resolution <br /> Filed Improvement District Filed Other <br /> t;5 i<era,a <br /> Date Routed' -'il "D..0Q t 0 1 e c3, n e.8 cx ("e em ei1 . <br /> Additional Information: �J <br /> XC: <br />